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Cedar Oil Head Lice & Egg Treatment

Parents: You can easily rid your Child from Head Lice, with a Non Toxic, Poison Free Alternative that will kill head lice, nymphs and eggs and dissolve nit glue on Contact.
With Cedar Factory’s Lice & Egg Killer  *NOTE: User must purchase NIT COMB separately.


Headlice Problems In SchoolThere is absolutely no need to panic, head lice are common in school age kids, every year school districts around the country report that 1 out of every 10 students has to deal with a head lice incident. Any school nurse will tell you that 3-12 year old students are famous for close contact and can spread these ectoparasites to others in the class room or the rest of your household.

Many smart moms soon discover that the commonly available treatments containing lindane or pyrethrin are far more dangerous to their children than the head lice outbreak. These nero-toxic pesticides applied directly to the scalp of your child will attack their developing brain and nervous system and need to be avoided, period! Parents need to be enlightened to the nasty consequences of these nero-toxic pesticide treatments, they can cause significant side effects in young kids, the elderly, or anyone that weighs less than 100 lbs, especially when these treatments are used repeatedly in a short period of time.



Having a case of head lice is not the end of the world, nor does it mean your child has poor hygiene; fact is head lice actually prefer a squeaky clean head. However having a bout with head lice can seriously interrupt your child’s education and can be a big annoyance in terms of itching and loss of sleep, but head lice are not known to transmit infectious agents from person-to-person. In some cases the saliva and feces from head lice on more sensitive victims can exacerbate the irritation and increase the chance of a secondary infection from excessive scratching.

Thank You For Learning More About Head Lice


Since the time of its formulation, desperate moms and school health officials all across the county have discovered that killing lice and lice eggs swiftly without exposing children to a nero-toxic pesticide is surprisingly easy.

Cedar Factory’s Head Lice Treatment is extremely fast and effective, and has quickly out distanced other natural head lice remedies. Parents and schools often remark about how powerful Dr. Ben’s head lice treatment is in killing lice and lice eggs. Natural yes, free of dangerous chemicals, certainly, yet unlike other purported head lice remedies, such as mayonnaise or olive oil that contain no insecticidal agents, Dr. Ben’s head lice  treatment is indeed a pesticide, albeit a completely safe for human use organic pesticide, that will rid lice from your life by attacking the breathing system of lice and dissolving nit glue on contact.

Cedar Factory Lice Hair Treatment

Our methodology is drastically different and immensely safer than attacking the nervous systems in lice, as lindane or pyrethrin are designed to do; after all we humans have nervous systems too. Let’s be crystal clear, Cedar Factory’s head lice treatment is deadly, to lice, nymphs and lice eggs, yet has zero effect on the human nervous system.
Cedar Factory’s head lice treatment is perfect for parents that want something with real power, without the grave side effects. Let’s face it if you’ve got a case of head lice at your place, you want them dead and gone, and fast. You can't find a better lice treatment out there.

Kills Lice Without Burning Children's Scalp

Cedar Factory’s head lice eradication fluid will not burn the scalp or damage the hair such as that experienced with chemical or other natural products. The hydrated silica used in the formulation will stimulate the hair condition and leave a attractive luster. Our natural head lice remedy will kill lice and leave a pleasant cedar aroma.  Safe for children and adults of all ages!  Packaged in a 32 Ounce FULL QUART spray bottle, enough solution to treat several children or the largest head of hair.  Use the remaining fluid to treat your sleeping areas, car fabric, couch or other places the louse may be residing.  THIS IS AN AMAZING HAIR TREATMENT!

Directions For Use:

Liberally spray and soak hair with Cedar Factory’s head lice treatment. Place a non porous shower or swim cap on lice head victim for an hour. Overnight or longer periods of time will enhance results.  Remove cap and shampoo hair.  Additional spray treatment with Cedar Factory’s head lice treatment for several days will stimulate and enhance the hair condition and eliminate any lice reoccurrence.  Avoid contact with eyes.

Area Treatment:

Hot water wash all bedding, clothing and personal effects of lice head victim. Spray mattress, box springs, head board and other areas that were exposed to lice.

How Much Do You Know About Head Lice? - PROVIDED BY WebMD

Head Lice: What Parents Should Know!

Spotting a tiny, white speck in your child's hair is enough to make many parents panic. Sure, head lice score high on the yuck factor, but they usually aren't harmful. Here, you'll find all the information you need to get a lice infestation under control.

What Are Head Lice?

Head lice are tiny six-legged insects that cling to the scalp and neck and feed on human blood. Each louse is about the size of a sesame seed and can be hard to spot. Lice eggs, called nits, are glued onto hairs near the scalp and can be even more difficult to see. When a large number of lice live in a person's hair, it is called an infestation.

Who Gets Head Lice?

Head lice are most common in young children attending day care, preschool, or elementary school. Children of this age often play together closely and may share brushes, hats, hair clips, and the like. Adults who live with children also have a higher risk of exposure to head lice.

How Head Lice Spread?

Lice usually spread through direct head-to-head contact that allows the pests to crawl from one person's hair into another's. Lice can also survive for a short period on clothing or other personal items, so a shared hairbrush can help a louse find a new host. Lice cannot jump or fly from one person to another.

How to Spot Head Lice

Although lice and their nits are small, they are visible to the naked eye. Head lice can be white, brown, or dark gray. They are most often found in the hair at the back of the neck or behind the ears. The nits are round or oval specks that are tightly glued to hairs near the scalp. If you try to slide the nits off, they won't budge. Recent research suggests combing through wet hair is the best way to spot an active infestation.

Symptoms of Head Lice

Spotting a louse or nit is often the only sign of an infestation. In many children, head lice don't cause any discomfort. When symptoms do occur, the most common problem is itching that may start weeks or even months after the lice move in.

Head Lice Allergies

The itching associated with lice is caused by an allergic reaction to the bug bites. Frequent scratching may lead to sores or raw skin on the scalp. Call a doctor promptly if: the skin becomes red, swollen, or painful; the lymph nodes in the neck become tender; or if there is a fever of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. These are signs of a skin infection.  You should also watch out for Body Lice.

If You Suspect Head Lice

Head lice will not go away on their own. If you suspect your child has an infestation, there are several steps you should take right away. Call your health care provider to confirm the diagnosis. Notify your child's day care provider or school so other students can be checked. Examine all other members of the household for signs of lice. Finally, treat everyone who's infected at the same time.

Ridding Hair of Lice

You can find lice-killing medicated shampoo over the counter. It's made from chrysanthemums and is considered safe when the directions are followed carefully. The most common form of this shampoo is applied to dry hair. Follow instructions on the label carefully regarding how long the medication should be left on the hair and how it should be washed off. Do not rewash the hair for 1-2 days after the lice medicine is removed. A second treatment is recommended after the eggs have hatched but before new ones are produced. If two treatments don't do the job, see your doctor for more potent medication.

Fine-Toothed Combs

An alternative to topical head lice treatments is the fine-toothed comb. This comb has teeth fine enough to comb lice out and their nits. It worked for the ancient Egyptians – nit combs have been found in their tombs. The drawback is that it takes time and patience to comb every last nit out of a child's hair. But if you can do it properly, you may be able to avoid using medicated shampoos. However, it may be more effective to comb the hair after treating with a medicated shampoo to get rid of any remaining straggler.

Home Remedies for Head Lice

Some parents claim mayonnaise, white vinegar, or tea tree oil are effective natural remedies for head lice. Mayonnaise is said to smother lice if it's applied thickly and kept on overnight under a shower cap. Vinegar is rumored to dissolve the glue that keeps nits stuck to the hair. While there is no scientific evidence to support these home remedies, pediatricians say there's no harm in trying them.

Ridding Your Home of Lice

Although lice don't survive long on bedding, it's best to wash the sheets of anyone being treated for lice. Clothing worn in the past 48 hours should also be washed in hot water. While parents are sometimes told to clean and quarantine all of a child's stuffed animals, experts say this is not necessary. If your child sleeps with a favorite plush toy, pop it in the hot dryer for 20 minutes – that should kill any creepy-crawlies.

Head Lice at School

If lice are discovered on your child at school, he or she may be sent home for prompt treatment. After treatment, dead eggs may remain in a child's hair until they are removed. Some schools have a "no nits" policy, meaning the eggs must be removed before the child returns to class. The American Academy of Pediatrics discourages this policy. Most health care providers recommend children return to school after their first treatment.

Head Lice Myths

Head lice are not a scourge of the lower classes, nor a sign of poor hygiene. They affect children across all levels of income, social class, and cleanliness. The bugs can survive underwater for up to six hours, so kids who bathe regularly are just as vulnerable. The good news is lice are not carriers of any disease.

Guarding Against Head Lice

If you have young children, there's unfortunately very little you can do to ward off head lice. Kids will be kids – and when they put their heads together or share hair bows, lice get a ticket to ride. Your best defense is to examine your child's hair and scalp regularly so you can catch an infestation early. Prompt treatment will help prevent the bugs from spreading to the rest of the family.

Click here to see an informative WebMD slide show.

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