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Cedar Oil For Personal Insect Control

Cedar Oil Travel Spritzers
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If you are a traveler or commuter, our "Cedar Oil Traveling Spritzers" are ideal. Whether you are flying on a plane, taking a cruise, traveling on a train or just catching a cab, Bed Bugs and Mites can be transmitted on your luggage. Use our Cedar Oil Spritzers to spray your luggage or boxes before entering your home or office.
If you are staying in a hotel/motel spray your luggage before entering and after leaving to ensure you are not carrying any unwanted passengers.

Our 4oz spray is also great for Hunting, Camping, Ball Games, Fishing or any activity where insects like mosquito's and no-see-um's are a problem.
Our 2oz Travel Spritzer is ideal for planes, most airlines will accept a 3oz bottle or smaller in your carry on luggage.

Don't be caught off guard, be prepared the next time you travel!

Cedar Oil Insect Repellent
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CEDAR-ALL 16oz Insect Repellent: is a genuine BIO based insect control agent. There are no chemicals used in the process of making this product. Just food grade aromatic Red Cedar Oil and Melted Quartz Rock. Not only does it command INSTANT DEATH to its arthropod recipients, it can also be used to control Bed Bugs, Fleas, Ants, Roaches, Scorpions, Mosquitoes, Chiggers, Flies and other non-benificial insects. Also tested by the (IRC) Insect Control Research Labs Baltimore, Maryland and Rutgers Univ. With 100% mortality to Fleas and Bed Bugs or both in under 1 minute.

Spray insect control solution under sinks, appliances, cracks, baseboards and windows. For serious insect infestations such as Bed Bugs, Fleas, Roaches or Mites, we recommend using a non-thermal fogger. After spraying or fumigating allow to sit for 48 hours before wiping or vacuuming, this will allow the product to dehydrate the eggs.

Cedar Oil Head Lice Treatment
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Cedar Factory Lice Hair Treatment
Our methodology is drastically different and immensely safer than attacking the nervous systems in lice, as lindane or pyrethrin are designed to do. Cedar Factory’s head lice treatment is deadly, to lice, nymphs and lice eggs, yet has zero effect on the human nervous system. Cedar Factory’s head lice treatment is perfect for parents that want something with real power, without the grave side effects. You can't find a better lice treatment out there.

Cedar Factory’s head lice eradication fluid will not burn the scalp or damage the hair such as that experienced with chemical or other natural products. Safe for children and adults of all ages! Packaged in a 32 Ounce (Quart) spray bottle, enough solution to treat several children. Use the remaining fluid to treat your sleeping areas, car fabric, couch or other places the louse may be residing. This is an amazing hair treatment!

Cedar Oil Indoor/Outdoor Kit
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For Indoor and Outdoor: we recommend our Indoor/Outdoor Insect Control Kit.

Indoor/Outdoor Kit Contains:
1gal of Cedar-All all in one spray
(1) 32oz bottle of Cedar Guard Lawn Formula (Concentrate makes 8gal)
(1) 32oz spray bottle of Happy Pet Flea,Tick & Mite Spray
1 hand held pump up sprayer for application.
1 hose end sprayer (attaches directly to hose)

This kit contains enough cedar oil spray to treat 1,000sq.ft indoors and 5,000sq.ft outdoors.
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All in One Cedar Oil Insect Control

Cedar-All all in one cedar oil insect Spray
Kills Bed Bugs, Fleas, Ants, Roaches and other biting insects on contact. Also Repels Scorpions and Snakes.
Ready To Use Formula

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Happy Pet Formula
Happy Pet Cedar Oil Flea, Tick & Mite Spray

Organic Cedar Oil Spray For Fleas
Kills Fleas, Ticks, Mites and other biting insects on contact. Neutralizes Mange Mites and other skin issues.
Ready To Use Formula

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